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Our Pets

niknmist.jpg (12579 bytes)

These are our two dogs Nikki and Misty. Nikki is a mixture of Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel. Misty is obviously a German Shepherd.

Here they are playing. They look and act really mean but they are both really sweet dogs.

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nibnikki.jpg (6404 bytes)

Nibbles with a good view point from Nikki's back, you really can't see Nikki too well due to his dark black coat.

This picture was of Nibble's our cockatiel, Nibble's has since died but will always be remembered for the sweet bird that she was along with her ability to whistle the Andy Griffith song.

nibbles.jpg (9419 bytes)

oscar.jpg (7165 bytes)

Here's a shot of our Oscar,he's allot bigger then he looks here.When we bought him he was about 2 inches long, now he's a whopping 5 to 6 inches.we can't put anything else in the tank with him since he would kill it within a couple of days.

And there's still one more pet,my sons turtle, we just don't have a picture of it.