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(Goffin Cockatoo)

Kiwi is the latest addition to our family, we brought her home in mid-December of 1998, she was hatched April 3rd 1998.Kiwi is a Goffin Cockatoo (Cacutua Goffini), Goffins originate from the Tenimber islands of Indonesia, and grow to be 12-13 inches. Goffin Cockatoos are said to be the smartest of the cockatoo family along with having a very gentle disposition.

Everyone in our family has fallen in love with Kiwi and we are all looking forward to the many upcoming years she will spend with us.

Kiwinikki.jpg (7869 bytes)

kiwiambe.jpg (9712 bytes)

Nikki & Kiwi, the beginning of a new friendship.

Kiwi getting a kiss from Amber

kiwi2.jpg (12185 bytes)

Kiwi getting back to nature, Ikeep waiting for her to get on a branch that's too thin, snap!

Here she is doing what she does best, chewing

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kiwisab.jpg (9438 bytes)

Sabrina and Kiwi going through the mail.

Kiwi loves to get outside and in the grass, she'll follow you anywhere you go.

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kiwi8.jpg (4517 bytes)

Kiwi, wanting to be picked up.