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Well first let me start by saying thanks for stopping by and checking out our page. This is my first attempt at making a web page so I hope you enjoy it.

Okay, you might be asking why Taz & Tigger, well I'm going to tell you. My names Richard and I've been collecting Taz stuff since before he was popular, it starts as small as Taz keychains and continues on to my Taz tattoo as well as the Taz painted on the back of my van. Put it this way, I collect enough stuff that at Christmas and my birthday my kids usually give me Taz paraphernalia. Now as for Tigger, well that's due to my wife Sabrina, she's probably a bigger Tigger fan then I am of Taz. She also has a pretty good assortment of Tigger goodies, including a tattoo.

We both were born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. where we still reside. We met about 2 years ago, and were married about eight months later on August 12th, 1997. That's when she got lucky and I decided to make her my wife hahaha.( boy I hope she doesn't read this)

Some of our interests include jetskiing, camping, family & friends, fishing, our pets (which there are a few of), softball for Sabrina,and computers for myself.

Last year when I originally constructed this page  I was into playing  first person shooter games online,  at the time it was Quake. Since then I have gone through a few different games, Sin was one of the games that I played on a regular basis and did pretty well at. But recently I have given up all other games and concentrate mainly on Quake 3 Arena. This is one awesome game. You can find me almost every night at the Pingtool gamesite usually kicking some serious quake butt along with my bud Dave. I go by the name of Taz_FL and Dave goes by  Jax_Gator, if you are a fellow Quaker stop by and try to frag us :)

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