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A good friend of mine Keith (you've seen his picture already if you checked out the jetski page, and you'll see it again on this page) charters a fishing boat out of St. Augustine FL. a couple of times a year. I'm lucky enough to have been invited on some of these excursions. They've all been wonderful trips, with the exception of the one time that I stayed out until 3:00 am partying the night before and showed up at the dock 2 hours later. Lets just say that the day didn't end quick enough for me.

The boat that we always went out on was called the Bauccus. If you are ever in St. Augustine FL. and want to catch fish, give this boat a try, you'll find it at Commanche Cove Marina on the intercoastal waterway near Vilano Beach. You won't regret it, they have always put us in the fish. Anyway, I only have a few pictures myself but in the future I plan on getting with Keith to see what pictures he has that we could add.

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On this day we ended up with some Dolphin & Wahoo.

Not a bad day here, like I said earlier, we always came home with something.

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Oh Yeah, I believe the total was 11 Dolphin and about 8 Wahoo on this day. The biggest Dolphin & Wahoo both weighed in at 38 pounds. From left to right: Karen, Dennis and me.

Dennis again, holding what I believe was the biggest Dolphin caught that day.

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Talk about a guy that knows what he's doing, Dougie pulling a nice Dolphin on board.

I told you that you'd see his picture again. Keith holding one of the wahoos that he caught. Looks pretty happy doesn't he.