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Our Pets

These are our two dogs Nikki and Misty. Nikki is a mixture of Golden Retreiver/Cocker Spaniel. Misty is obviously a German Shepard.

Here they are playing. They look and act really mean but they are both really sweet dogs.

Nibbles with a good view point from nikkis bach, you really can't see nikki too well due to his dark black coat.

Another shot of nibbles, our most recent addition to the family.She's a very sweet cockatiel, aproximatly a year old.

Heres a shot of our Oscar,he's alot bigger then he looks here.When we bought him he was about 2 inches long, now he's a whopping 5 to 6 inches.we can't put anything else in the tank with him since he would kill it within a couple of days.

And there's still one more pet,my sons turtle, we just dont have a picture of it.