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Some More Jetski Photos

Dave taking a beer/smoke break on Black Creek.

Keith getting a little air off our boat wake in the Florida Keys.

Another shot of Keith our first day in the Keys. The only boat ramp was on the other side of the island, so we had to ride the skis around marathon island to the side we were staying on.

Here's a shot of me, playing in the Atlantic ocean at Anastatia beach in St. Augustine. I always enjoyed riding here even though its a job loading the ski back onto the trailer at days end.

Another shot of me in Black Creek. Man what a beautiful place to ride.

This is a friend of mine and Daves. Johnny was in the middle of doing a spin in Black Creek. If I had the next picture taken on this page you would know that he didn't hold on tight enough. hehehe

This is a picture I took just to show how I've got my GPS (global positioning system) set up on my ski. I manufactured a bracket out of white delrin and made it so I can mount/dismount it in less then a minutes time. If you do any long distance riding I recomend investing in one,they're great for marking marina/fuel locations.