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Another beautifull bike, love the color, love the bike

The bike to the right is another Boss Hoss, the two wheel version, this bike is also powered by a chevrolet 350 V-8, which gives this bad boy over 300 HP. Oh yeah, the rear tire is actually a 70 series goodyear automobile tire.

I'm not exactly sure what you would call this, but it was pretty awesome and received alot of attention from the crowd

This ummm, motorcycle? Well it was called T-Rex and was definitly unique, kinda hard to describe, you just had to see it

Whats this? I have to admit this is the first stretched Harley I have ever seen, it was actually pretty cool, definitly different. Check out the quad fishtail exhaust pipes

I was snapping a picture of the yellow & purple bike when these two guys stopped and helped themselves to a pose, just kidding actually thats chuck and his nephew, two of the guys I went to daytona with, there was a third friend but I dont have a pic of him ( sorry Mark)