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Daytona Beach, FL


What do you get when you combine motorcycles and Daytona Beach? You get one major event that brings people together from all over the country, hell from all over the world for that matter. Custom paint, chrome, the sound of rolling thunder, exaust fumes, babes in g-strings & leather, and for you ladies bad boys riding bad toys....

This year I finally made it to Daytona to witness this outrageous event and I have to admit, I PLAN ON GOING NEXT YEAR ! Below are just a few of the pictures I took while there....I hope you enjoy them

I was speachless when these two bikes rolled up, most definitly these two were the sweetest bikes I have ever seen !

There's only two words to describe these two bikes PURE ART !

You can actually buy these 57 Chevy trikes, they go by the name Boss Hoss, and are powered by a Chevrolet 350 V-8

Snapped this shot cause both bikes were pretty sharp, just wish I'd had a better camera

Check out the twisted exhaust pipes on the multicolor bike, pretty slick huh

Here's another shot of a nice exhaust system :) I had to include at least one shot like this to give you just a taste of the veiws during bike week.

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